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3 - Postures of the Sauteuse

"The SAUTEUSE WALTZ next succeeds the SLOW WALTZ, and is productive of much pleasing effect, when proper regard is paid to its being caught up from the SLOW WALTZ, without intermission, and on the first note of the Bar, as the time of the Music is changed.

The Gentleman commences by passing his left Foot into the second position with a springing motion and turning the body (the Knee perfectly straight and the toe pointed) and the Lady, by passing her right Foot forward and springing into the fourth position. "(Thos Wilson)

The lady and gentleman extricate themselves from the intimate embrace of the Slow Waltz, and while still maintaining eye contact, move to a hop-step-step variation. While I am sure there was much individual styling, I would suggest keeping the hop very contained, to maintain the graceful flow of the dance.