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Black Wool Frock Coat

This page contains pictures of a late 19th or early 20th Century frock coat in my collection.

It is double breasted and made of black, very fine, heavy weight wool (lighter than overcoat wool, but heavier than modern "suit weight" wool). It is trimmed in wool grosgrain, with silk lining.

The buttons are covered with black silk. Covered buttons are an almost invariable rule with late 19th Century black frock coats. I have yet to see one with a contrasting button, or a button of some visible material like metal or bone.

The lapels are cut wide, and notched, and there is a slant handkerchief pocket on the left breast. Note that other than a wallet pocket on the inside left breast, there are no other pockets on this coat. Pockets at the waist, which are common on modern reproductions, are not present on this example, nor have I ever seen them on any other original frock coat that dates from later than the 1860s.

There are non functional button holes on each lapel (ideal for inserting a flower).

This coat is double breasted.

The coat is lined with silk, with a certain amount of padding at the chest (makes one look more manly). The sleeve is lined in white cotton. There is a horizontal wallet pocket inside the left breast, visible at the middle right of this picture. It does not have slash pockets in the tails, though many such coats do.

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