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Walter Nelson, in authentic maritime costume, presents an insight into the life of the common sailor in the age of sail.

Captain Blunt and the wreck of the Winfield Scott
On December 1st 1853, the steamship Winfield Scott, under the command of Simon Blunt, ran at full speed into Anacapa Island. Walter portrays the opinionated commander, and describes that fateful night.

As "James Durand: Mariner" he tells the story of an American who served on board the Frigate Constitution during the war against the Barbary Pirates, and was then press ganged into the British Navy to fight against his own country in the War of 1812.

In "The Life of the Sailor", Walter describes the world of the common sailing man: his daily routine, his customs, his joys and his fears. This presentation can focus on the life of the "Man o'War's Man" (Navy sailor), whaler or merchant seaman--or can cover them all.

In "The Sea Shanty", Walter Nelson alone, or in concert with "Flash Packet", sings the songs of the 19th Century sailor and uses those songs as a tool to explain the life they lived.

Walter with a telescope

Depending on the needs of your organization, Walter can focus his presentation on sailors of the 16th, 17th, 18th or 19th Centuries.

For more information, send us an E-Mail to walter@walternelson.com or call 818-342-3482

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