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"Phrenology: The science of picking the pocket through the scalp." Ambrose Bierce
For an excellent source of information on the Science of Phrenology, check out Phrenology on the Web

In the 19th Century, thousands of people, including many reputable scientists, accepted as scientific fact that all aspects of a person's character had a physical manifestation in the shape of the brain, and the shape of the brain determined the shape of the cranium.

They therefore concluded that a trained professional could read a person's character by feeling the bumps on his head, in addition to examining other physical attributes. This science was known as Phrenology.

Phrenology was particularly popular in America. Even when most of the scientific community abandoned it in the later 19th Century, it was still widely practiced and believed in by ordinary Americans well into the 20th Century.

This interesting aspect of the 19th Century science is brought to life in a humorous and informative way by Walter Nelson as "Doctor Malatesta: Frontier Phrenologist".

The Doctor can set up his tent at your outdoor program, or occupy a room in your historic house. There, he can use his trained fingers to read the true character or your guests.

He is also available for "one man shows" for schools, museums and historical societies throughout the Southern California area.

Call Walter Nelson at 818-342-3482
or email OR SEND AN EMAIL for more information.

Dr. Malatesta is based in Southern California

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