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The Prompter Quadrille Book. - W B De Garmo 1868

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The prompter - Full Descriptions of all the Quadrilles, Figures of the German Cotillion etc.
William B. De Garmo
W.A. Pond & Company New York

This book is of primary academic interest to dance and social historians and practical interest to dance callers who are leading Quadrilles at Victorian balls.

This comes from the collection of the New York Public Library, and was digitized by the Google Books project. I have downloaded it, OCRed it to make it possible for you to do a keyword search within the document, and added an electronic table of contents to make it easier to jump to the sections that interest you.

The Table of Contents

  • Preface
  • Etiquette of the Ball Room
  • The Position in Quadrille
  • Quadrille Francais Double
  • Common Jig Figure
  • "Balance to the Right,"-Jig Figure
  • "Cheat," or Coquette
  • Basket Figure
  • Star Figure
  • Quadrille Sociable
  • Gavotte, or Minuet-the full Figure
  • Gavotte, or Minuet-abbreviated
  • March Quadrille
  • The Lancers Quadrilles
  • Caledonian Quadrilles
  • Le Prince Imperial Quadrilles
  • Le Quadrille Francais (French Quadrille)
  • Les Varietes Parisiennes (Parisian Varieties)
  • Technical Terms
  • Spanish Dance
  • Sicilian Circle
  • Sir Roger de Coverley, or Virginia Reel
  • Round or Revolving Dances
  • Cotillions or "Germans"
  • Addendum: Les Menus Plaisirs Quadrille
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