Simi Valley Vintage Dance Society

7:00 pm -­ 10:00 pm
Doors open at 7:00 pm; dancing begins at 7:30 pm

Join the Simi Valley Victorian Dance Society one evening a month for waltzes, polkas, quadrilles, and a variety of other dances of the 19th Century ballroom.

Programs will feature instruction and open dancing.

Historical attire is not required. Recorded music. Beginners welcome and no partners required. Comfortable shoes recommended.

Victorian Dance

Image"I was exceedingly delighted with the waltz, and also with the polka. These differ in name, but there the difference ceases--the dances are precisely the same.

An Analysis of Country Dancing - 1808

ImageThe Full title is "An analysis of country dancing: wherein are displayed all the figures ever used in country dances, in a way so easy and familiar, that persons of the meanest capacity may in a short time acquire (without the aid of a master) a complete knowledge of that rational and polite amusement. To which are added, instructions for dancing some entire new reels; together with the rules, regulations, and complete etiquette of the ball room. By Thomas Wilson ... Embellished and illustrated with engravings on wood, by J. Berryman."

"Mr Nelson's System of Simplified Regency Dance"

Trust me, it's not that hard

I am a man on a mission. My mission is to establish a basic level of historical understanding in what we refer to as "Regency Dance". The current state of things in Regency Dance is, from a historical perspective, pretty dismal. In all but a very few places, the terms "Regency Dance" and "English Country Dance" are more or less interchangeable, with a slight concession that, if you are calling it a Regency Dance, you should probably keep the number of recently created dances to a minimum. The steps and stylings that gave the Country Dance of the Regency its character are entirely dispensed with, and people walk through the choreographies without any notion of what could be.

Queen Mary Art Deco Gala 2010

ImageThe Saturday night dance at the Queen Mary Art Deco Festival, 2010. Music by Dean Mora and his orchestra.

Historical Picnicking in the San Fernando Valley

ImageI had a very interesting chat with the supervising ranger at Los Encinos State Historic Park where I volunteer. I was talking to him about yesterday's Will Rogers Jazz Age Picnic, and he was saying he was very keen on similar costumed "flash mobs" descending on Los Encinos.

What is Not a Goat Sucker? - A Logical Conundrum

Last month there was a bit of bruhaha over the discovery of two amazingly ugly dead critters who were breathlessly identified in the media as "chupacabras".

The "cooler heads" then quickly moved in and pooh-poohed the idea that the nasty things were the legendary goat suckers. "You poor benighted rednecks. They are not chupacabras" they declared, "they are in fact hairless mangy coyotes".

Looking for a Ragtime Sugar Daddy (or Mama)

ImageFor something like a decade now, we have had a very nice ragtime tea dance in the Lanterman House in La Canada/Flintridge. Ian Whitcomb has provided the music, and the Locke - Noble Tea Company provided the tea, and 50-60 people have had a very nice afternoon in the ballroom of the 1915 Craftsman house.

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