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Book: The Modern Dances - 1914

ImageThis compact and useful book was actually published before the Jazz Age, in what could better be described as the "Ragtime Era" and it is silent on the Fox Trot of the Jazz Age. However, its information on the Tango, which the author rather pointedly says is not the REAL Tango, but just a One-Step variation, is helpful as well as the brief description at the end of the REAL Tango (the Argentine Tango) which she clearly wishes people were dancing, but is resigned to the fact that they aren't.

The book was downloaded from the Library of Congress website. I have compiled it into a single volume to facilitate printing and searching.

The modern dances, how to dance them,
by Caroline Walker; complete instructions for learning the tango, or one step, the Castle walk, the walking Boston, the hesitation waltz, the dream waltz, the Argentine tango.

Walker, Caroline.

[3d ed.]
Chicago, Saul Brothers, 1914.

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