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Sober Thoughts About Park Closures

From AP story on budget deal: "Some state parks also will have to close, but the majority of the 220 initially scheduled to be shut down will remain open".

There is nothing yet about my local park: Los Encinos State Historic Park, and it is entirely possible, at this early stage, that decisions on its fate have not yet been made.

However, if in fact Los Encinos is on the chopping block, I don't think I would advocate a "Don't shut our park, shut someone else's!" approach to fighting it.

If Los Encinos is on the closure list, we will need to try to mobilize the local community to pressure Sacramento to, rather than allocate cash to the park, get out of the way and let the local community fund and support it. This will also require mobilizing a generally apathetic community, but there really isn't any other alternative for this park, or for any other that has been selected for sacrifice to the budget monster.