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Activist Picnicking

I would like to invite all of you to join us in a gesture to show our support for our state historic parks.

On Saturday, August 8th, from Noon to 4 PM, we will have a Victorian Picnic Day at Los Encinos State Historic Park. You are encouraged to wear clothing appropriate to the 1870s or 80s (though earlier and later are welcome too), bring a picnic and enjoy a pleasant afternoon at the park--while at the same time demonstrating your support.

We are hoping for a good turn out, and will be inviting the media to come and get nice pictures of us all dressed up and speaking up for State Parks. There are no specifically planned activities, but those of you who have portable unamplified musical instruments, or other period activities to amuse yourselves and your friends, feel free to bring them (no baseball please, due to windows).

On the following day, on Sunday August 9th, this will be repeated at Will Rogers State Historic Park in Pacific Palisades. This time the theme will be 1920s-30s.

Of course, at this point, we are not entirely sure what our message will be. At this moment, the fate of the parks is still up in the air and the legislators and governor aren't even talking to each other. However, something should be settled in a month, and we will know whether we will be protesting, supporting or celebrating.

For details, read on:

Note: we are not part of a group. We are each individual citizens visiting a park. This avoids the need for permits, insurance etc. It also means that we will have to pay all fees and obey all regular restrictions.

Los Encinos Details (Saturday Aug 8th)
The Los Encinos website for directions.

Costume 1870s-80s
Parking on the street.
Please bring more or less period looking food, accessories and utensils.
No weapons (real or replica)
No shade flies or pavilions that require stakes.
A shared BBQ will be available for participants

If you are on Facebook, please RSVP on the event page (Click here)

Will Rogers Details (Sunday August 9th)

Will Rogers website for directions

Costume 1920s-30s
Polo will be played from 10 AM to 1 PM
No shade flies or tents
Parking fees of $8 per car apply

Note that, unlike Los Encinos, where the volunteer organization will be helping things along, we are very much on our own at WIll Rogers.

If you are on Facebook, please RSVP to the event (Click Here)

If you are not on Facebook, please RSVP by leaving a comment below.

If friends of historic parks in other areas want to do something similar in their own parks, please let me know what you are doing so we can all help spread the word.
Print a flier

See you at the Park!



Walter -- My husband and I will not be at either of your Picnics (have deadline for our book coming up soon and time is precious), but I posted your announcement as a Bulletin from the No Quarter Given MySpace. I will also post to a few email lists I am on. Good luck! We applaud your efforts.

It would really be a sad day for all of the Californian's if this park were to lose state support. After all it is a very important part of the state's inventory of historic sites. I realize that being a descendent of D. Vicente de la Ossa does make my opinion somewhat subjective, but by reading many of the documents that are available on at los Encinos one can see the importance that this park has; predating the Spanish conquistadores when the spring waters were considered medicinal by the Indians that resided there. Perhaps we should push for a UNESCO consideration as a World Heritage Site, allowing it to receive some UNESCO funds. I would really hate to see this park closed.