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Blog Comments: a Dying Breed

It isn't a compelling point, since I have not been very active in keeping my blog up to date lately, but I would like to let folks know that I will be disabling comments on most of my future posts. The reason is the pervasiveness of robotic spam machines that insert the same sort of crap in the comments fields in blogs and "guest books" that you get in your email.

This doesn't show up on the site itself, since I have to approve all comments before they appear, but it has meant that literally hundreds of spam comments have appeared in my email in a given week waiting to be approved. I then have to take the time to delete them from the queue as well as my email box -- and the few valid comments are lost in the storm of spam.

I fail to understand the logic of it all, since anyone who isn't screening their comments has already been submerged in a tsunami of cyber-shit and those who are screening tend to be fairly web-savvy and not likely to respond favorably to sales pitches for penis enlargement pills and cool investment offers from misunderstood African former dictators.

It is, of course, yet another example of how a few schmucks are doing their best to ruin the web for everyone.

In a very few cases, I will leave comments open for a while, and them cut them off. Otherwise, if you wish to comment, send me an email.