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Things You Can Do to Fight State Park Closures

There is a bill before the State Legislature that would declare 48 State Parks "excess property", which would release them for sale and development.

While we may all be angry about the proposed state park closures, just being angry will do no good. The only way we can make an impact is by making ourselves heard.

Here are a few ways:

First, I would strongly suggest writing to your state legislator and senator and to the legislator and senators of the district in which your particular favorite park resides.

Here's a directory of State legislators and Senators (just enter a zip code)

While the Save the Parks website has a canned message, and you can certainly use it, I think it will be more effective to send a message IN YOUR OWN WORDS. Say what you really think and what the local park means to you -- and make it clear that you are paying attention to how they vote and that their vote will have consequences.

You should also phone their offices. They will probably just put you down as a check mark under "opposed" or "in favor", but it will still probably have more impact than an email.

I would also suggest a paper letter with a signature and an actual stamp. Email is too easy and it makes more of a statement if you take the time and expense to write a real letter.

Here is some background information:

State Parks Slated for Closure

Here is Assembly Bill 2392: which will designate 48 State Parks as "Excess Property".

It was introduced by Republican Legislator Bonnie Garcia

Here is the website of the State Parks Commission