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Newport Vintage Dance Week - August 11-17 2008

Here is information on the Newport Vintage Dance Week.

Dear Dancer

It is with great pleasure that the Commonwealth Vintage Dancers
announce the 21st Newport Vintage Dance Week to be held August 11-17,
2008 (with optional early arrival Aug. 10).

As is our tradition, we have been busy lining up instructors and
planning events, bringing back some favorites and introducing some for
the first time at Newport. Our distinctive staff this year will
Marc Casslar (Hartford, CT)
Barbara and Antonia Pugliese (Boston, MA)
Yvonne Vart (France)
Joan Walton (San Francisco, CA)

Our special events will include an elegant lunch on a train leaving
from campus and taking us to Newport, where we will board the Harbor
Queen for a tour of Newport Harbor, before taking a train back to
campus. We return to some of our favorite venues for the evening
balls: Astor's Beechwood, Glen Manor, and the Rotunda Ballroom at
Easton's Beach.

Our other big news is that we have been informed by the Portsmouth
Abbey School that 2008 is the last year the dance week will be held at
Portsmouth Abbey. The school intends to restart its summer school and
expand their sports offerings for middle and high school students in
2009. So, will this be the last Newport Dance Week? We hope not. We
are looking for another site, but at this time do not have anything
lined up. So, if you want one more chance to stroll the peaceful
Portsmouth Abbey campus and get your Newport "fix," be sure to join us
for this year's dance week.

A registration note: Brochures will be mailed in the next few weeks.
The registration form is available now on our website:

Please be aware that registration will be conducted in the same
manner as last year: we will accept 40 "couples" initially (persons
of the opposite sex registering together). Additional couples and
persons registering without a registration partner will be placed in
lotteries to be held April 19th.

For those anxious to get started on their costume for Saturday night's
ball, this year's theme is: Egyptomania!!!

So save the dates and look for additional information in your mailbox
or on the CVD website soon. Hope to see you in Newport in August!

Warm regards,

Hannah Roberts Artuso, Co-Director