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Living History Protest in Sacramento

Here is info from David Freeman, who is organizing a "living history" protest against the proposed park closures. This protest will originate in Sutter's Fort and then march a few blocks to the State Capitol.

For more information, contact Mr. Freeman directly.

A message from Mr. Freeman follows:

The protest is looking like it will be in 3 parts.
First there will be a symbolic mustering of armed historical reenactors at Sutters Fort. By armed, it could mean various weaponry. Knives , pitch forks, bows and arrows, walkers and colts, tar and feathers are what I have in mind. These folks would defend the Fort. ( There are permit issues with the weaponry at the capitol, they are sensitive about a cannon on the lawn).

Second would be a march to the Capitol , 1 1/4 mile, to deliver a proclamation by unarmed reenactors.

Third , the marchers will assemble at the capitol and deliver their proclamation on the closing of the State SHPs, which are on the budgetary chopping block.

The "date" is still tentatively set for April 7th, which is State Parks Advocacy Day.

Any help spreading the word would be more than welcomed. I am having trouble getting in contact with other State Historical Park Living History reenactors.


Dave Freeman
530 934-7658 home
530 591-2043 cell



No pitchforks on the Capital grounds. Sorry

Am checking on Tar and Feathers!

Dave Freeman