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AOL - The Final Chapter

As I have mentioned in several previous posts, AOL's idiotic and ham handed block policies have shut out all AOL subscribers from receiving the information I send out about local vintage dance and history events. However, it looks like I have found a work around.

I have set up a "Yahoo Group". If an AOL subscriber joins this group, the message will be coming from benign Yahoo rather than evil me, and will probably get through.

Unfortunately, it requires a second step on the part of the subscriber, and at this point, out of about 400 AOL subscribers to whom I sent an informational email from a dummy Yahoo account, only about 40 have so far signed up.

Oh well. I think I have done everything I can do. If you are with AOL, and you really do want to know about history and vintage dance in Southern California, you have an alternative. A better alternative would be to dump AOL.

For reference, here are my previous posts on the subject:

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