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Stanford Waltz Week

From Richard Powers of Stanford:

Stanford Waltz Week: June 24-29
Waltz--Viennese, Cross-Step, Rotary, Redowa and more
Swing, Tango, Latin, Ballroom, Vintage and club dances

Led by: Jodi Fleischman, Ari Levitt, Richard Powers, Joan Walton, Ryan and Monica Shen Knotts, Anne Remsen and Matthew Duveneck with live music by The Royal Society Jazz Orchestra and The Bob Saul Dance Orchestra

Experience level: intermediate or more.

One week of dancing bliss, in the arms of great partners!

Questions? Ask Susan Cann


Currently waitlisted for followers-the page says "single women", but
they balance lead/follow, not male/female. I took the week as a
leader a couple of years ago and it was, in fact, quite a fantastic