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Newport Vintage Dance Week - Portsmouth Rhode Island

This is an event I have never attended, but I have met and enjoyed working with all the teachers listed, and many of my friends who have attended tend to rave about it.

Portsmouth, Rhode Island - Monday-Sunday, August 6-12, 2007

The Newport Vintage Dance Week is turning 20! A week of dancing amid the splendors of the Gilded Age in nearby Newport will take place at the lovely Portsmouth Abbey School on the shores of Narragansett Bay. It's an exceptional week of dance and elegance. Dance instruction will include popular ballroom dances of the Victorian (1860s and 1890s) and Ragtime (1910s) eras. Instructors will include Marc Casslar, Susan de Guardiola, Richard Powers, Antonia Pugliese, Barbara Pugliese, and Joan Walton. Formal balls will be held at mansions in Newport (including Ochre Court) and Portsmouth. The New River Dance Orchestra will provide live music for the 1890s, Ragtime, and 1860s balls. For more information, visit