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Calling Cards for Ladies


A married lady with teen-age daughters. Tuesday is the day upon which she is "at home" to callers. Note that her husband is named "Ingram", not she.

ImageThe card of a lady married to a doctor. Married ladies included their husband's name and titles on their cards. They would not use their own first name unless they were widows. Widows would keep the "Mrs".

ImageThe card of an unmarried woman.

ImageA card shared by more than one unmarried daughter

ImageThe flowery style of card of which the etiquette books disapproved. Note the hand written name (in pencil) of the owner. The card is larger than the plainer, more tasteful variety. While generally condemned by etiquette books such cards must have been quite popular, as many have survived.

The business card of a female psychic. One of my particular favorites.