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Some Places to Rent a Costume

I am constantly being bombarded with questions from folks new to the vintage dance scene about "Where can I rent stuff". I have generally dodged the question, since I have seldom been impressed with what is available from retail costume rental places, and the movie shops are expensive and intimidating for the uninitiated. I worry that any recommendation will be perceived as an endorsement, and in my limited experience, I have yet to find a rental place I could give my unqualified endorsement.

However, the fact remains that there are countless newbees out there who want to join in the fun, don't have the time or skills to make stuff themselves, and either can't afford a costumer or can't afford to wait for a costumer.

So, to address this, I asked around for suggestions for Los Angeles area places that provide more or less decent stuff.

Note that this is not an endorsement, and I would still suggest that you do some research beforehand, and bring pictures of what you have in mind so you can check it against what is being offered - and this is still no guarantee that what you get will be what you really needed.


For those in the Orange County area a good place is

Astrid Costume Attic
2960-E West Lincoln Ave.
Anaheim, CA 92801


They do both rental, sales and custom.