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Getting Through to Your California Politicians

My particular cause is State Parks, which the latest budget plan will virtually eliminate. The State Parks Foundation has been circulating a website where you can, with considerable ease and zero expense, send your representatives an angry email.

The State Parks Foundation Angry Email Site

However, while using this tool falls into the "couldn't hurt" category, I am dubious of the effectiveness of any method of pestering an elected representative that is too easy. Such methods are likely to be overused and thus ignored.

What ever your particular issue may be, whether it be parks, education, health care or what ever, I would suggest that you might want to look at a more traditional alternative when it comes to registering your opinion with your elected representative: phone them and write them letters.

When phoning, the specifics of your rant will not carry any weight with the long-suffering staffer on the other end, but you do need to be clear on whether your check mark should go in the "for" or "against" column. Be kind. She isn't the cause of your problems. She's just doing her job. Be prepared to give your name, address and phone number.

When writing, be succinct and make sure your opinion is clearly stated in the first paragraph and be sure the letter has a clear "Subject" title. The staffer may not get past that. Also give your name and address and phone number in the letter header.

You should only pester YOUR elected representatives. Your vote doesn't matter a jot to a politician you aren't in a position to vote for.

Here's the link to find the number and address for your California politician.

I understand that politicians generally assume that every person who takes the trouble to call or write, there must be hundreds of voters with the same opinion, who can't be bothered.

So, what ever your particular opinion might be, let your politicians know what you care about.

Walter Nelson


And unfortunatly the link for Ca politicians does not recognise either my address of 45+ years or my Father's of 38+ years.