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Vintage Dance Workshops Around the World

This has been passed to me by Richard Powers of Stanford University:

The Stanford Dance Weekend has just opened registration.
Unlike the past Waltz Weekends with everyone together in the same room, this year will be a three-ring circus of simultaneous classes in waltz, swing, salsa, vintage dances, club dances and more.
Each class period will feature Intermediate, Introductory (yes, bring your non-dancing companions and friends) and Truly Advanced (!!) class options.
The past Stanford Waltz Weekends have completely filled within a month of being announced, so don't wait too long to register. See the teachers and other details at:
We're still finalizing the schedule so check the Web page now and then.


The Historical Dance Summer Workshop is a unique gathering of dance historians and recreational vintage dancers, held at Goucher College in Baltimore.
Here is a rare chance to explore the earlier centuries, with both Introductory and Intermediate/Advanced classes in Renaissance, Baroque, 19th and early 20th Century dance forms, all emphasizing couple dances.
I taught there last summer (the very first one) and am happy to report, to the vintage dancers reading this, that even the most serious dance historians were very friendly and eager to share their enthusiasm. So this will be an especially convivial gathering of the diverse fields of historic dance.
This is an early announcement, as they're still working on their Web page, but you can register now:
and also see
Note, since those Web pages were written, my teaching has been increased to four classes per day, two in 19th Century and two in 20th century/Ragtime/Jazz dances. So if you prefer to develop those areas, you can spend most of each day with vintage dance.


The Prague Vintage Dance Week has returned, after two years off! (They had to synchronize their alternating years with their Scottish Country Dance week, resulting in a Leaped Year.
Prague is widely acknowledged to be the most beautiful city in the world, and one of the few European cities to avoid war damage. See more about this at their Web page.
The second week will travel by train to Verona and Venice, Italy, by popular demand.
We'll have a strong contingent of Stanford alums and students this year, plus the most devoted vintage dancers from coast to coast.
Note: with the weakened value of the dollar, this summer will be a bit of a splurge, but with the direction the dollar is headed, this may be the last summer that these European vintage dance weeks are affordable at all! A possible splurge this year is much better than an impossible dream two summers from now.
See their Web pages at: