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October 24, 2007

AOL - The Final Chapter

As I have mentioned in several previous posts, AOL's idiotic and ham handed block policies have shut out all AOL subscribers from receiving the information I send out about local vintage dance and history events. However, it looks like I have found a work around.

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Posted by Walter at 06:22 PM

October 01, 2007

Middle Aged Swashbuckling

This is something of a departure for me, as I try to avoid too much personal stuff (I find self indulgent blogs deeply boring). I will, however make a slight departure in this case, as the topic has something of a historical connection. I would like to speak in praise of the one sport that has ever held my interest: fencing (I don't consider dancing a sport, and dislike attempts to make it one)

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Posted by Walter at 09:13 AM | Comments (1)