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Dance floor consideration

I received this as an email to the Social Daunce Irregulars. While it didn't seem appropriate to forward it to the full announcement list, I think it might do some good as a reminder to consider others out on the floor:

The Victorian Grand Ball on November 25 was enjoyable, and what a turnout! My enjoyment was dampened, however when my ankle and foot were stomped on in the polka of the 3rd set.

Somebody was stomping with enough force to drive a nail into the floor. My left foot was slightly swollen, and I put ice on it when I got home. Whoever stomped so hard on my ankle and foot did not apologize, but kept dancing. The sound of this person's footwear hitting the floor was so loud that it startled my partner.

People do need to dance considerately.


traditional dance etiquette allows for couples who travel around the floor at different rates of speed by the convention of having a series of concentric lanes with the lane around the edge of the floor being reserved for the couples traveling at the highest rate of speed, with the slowest moving couples in the lane closest to the middle of the floor.

speaking as someone who has attended SDI balls for 10 years or so, it is common to see both newcomers as well as SDI regulars blocking the edge of the floor by either moving very slowly, or worse yet, standing on the floor with people dancing past them on both sides, seemingly unaware or unconcerned as to how their actions are negatively influencing everyone else trying to dance on the floor. as such, without knowing the full details, it's impossible to be ascertain that the injured party's actions did not contribute towards causing the collision. at the same time, the ability to move *smoothly* as greater rates of speed does not necessarily consitute the right or expectation to be able to do so if everyone else is traveling at a uniform non-glacial rate of speed. but there *are* enough experienced dancers at SDI that the rate of travel on the outside lane should be greater than it tends to be in reality.

as those who read this blog are likely both to be aware of dance etiquette as well as to observe it, i submit that our attention should be focused on how to best inform & educate people the people who attend the SDI balls.

perhaps a possible solution would be an approach that includes frequent reminders:

- during the classes that attempt to prepare individuals for the SDI balls;
- from the stage during the ball;
- from a few flyers placed in strategic locations of the dance hall;
- from a few individuals appointed by the SDI standing committee to approach and gently admonish individuals who are blocking LOD NOTE: i deplore the idea of having to enforce dance etiquette, but IMO the quality level of dancing will never improve if people have to concentrate the bulk of their attention and energy on avoiding collisions with people who ignore dance etiquette.