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January 26, 2007

Newport Vintage Dance Week - Portsmouth Rhode Island

This is an event I have never attended, but I have met and enjoyed working with all the teachers listed, and many of my friends who have attended tend to rave about it.

Portsmouth, Rhode Island - Monday-Sunday, August 6-12, 2007

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Posted by Walter at 12:26 PM

January 22, 2007

Spectacular Art Deco Events in California

Art Deco themed events, by which I mean events covering roughly 1920-1945, seem to offer the highest degree of "total immersion". It's easier to lose yourself in the 1930s than it is, for example, in the 13th Century.

I suppose that's because we have plenty of wonderful Art Deco venues still intact, and it is a comfortable and familiar world, well document in movies and not too different from our present day. We even have many people among us who actually experienced the era in their younger days.

These Deco events, given all that they have to offer, can also be rather expensive.

Here are some of the biggest and best recurring events I know about in California. I am including Northern California as well.

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Posted by Walter at 10:19 AM | Comments (1)