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Handouts From Vintage Dance Week

The handouts from the classes at San Diego Vintage Dance Week are on the web in PDF format.

These range from a Regency Era "Scotch Reel" to Ragtime and Jazz Age dances.

Richard Powers

* The Four Families of the Ragtime One Step
* Joan Sawyer's Persian Gardens" Tango

Joan Walton

* Bohemian National Polka
* Charleston Variations (Solo & Freestyle)
* Polka Variations
* Reel for 6 (Regency era Scots Reel)

Stan Isaacs

* The Boston
* The Castle One Step
* The Simple Quadrille
* Ragtime Survival
* The Ragtime Tango

Marc Casslar

* Ragtime Foxtrot
* Maxixe
* English Sequence Dances
* Java
* Waltz
* Polka Variations
* Schottische
* Victorian Set Dances
* Galop Quadrille