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"The Proposition" Movie Review

Well, if you need a movie to give you a feeling for what a horrendous fly-choked dung heap the Australian Outback was in the 1890s, then "The Proposition" is the film for you.

It certainly reeks with period atmoshpere. Also, the Ray Wynstone character of the chief constable is a nice study in a man who is outwardly brutal and ruthless, but also has a tender side, which is brought out by his fish-out-of-water proper Victorian wife.

However, if you aren't into beheadings, spearings, shootings, stabbings, and exploding heads--and you like your movies short and to the point, then perhaps this isn't for you.

I didn't actually time it, but it seemed awfully long and frequently tedious. It was also unrelievedly grim and ponderous.

So, for historicity and period flavor, I would give it an "A". For general watchability, a C+.