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Elizabeth I Part 1 on HBO

After the dismal "Elizabeth" movie of a few years ago, and the rather bizarre Henry VIII and Elizabeth series that came out of the BBC recently, it was very refreshing to see HBO's very historical treatment of the second half of the life of Queen Elizabeth I.

The program premiered last weekend, but being cable, it is being rerun rather vigorously--which is good, since I only saw the first episode, which runs from the Alencon courtship up through the Babbington Plot, Armada and the death of Leisceter. What I saw in the first episode pleased me greatly, and I am hoping to catch the second half soon.

Helen Mirren presented an Elizabeth who was extremely complex and very challenging for her counselors to deal with.

I was also pleased with the portrayals of the other players in the drama, including Jeremy Irons as Robert Dudley, and my personal favorite--the long suffering Walsingham.

The costumes too, were very nice.

And, being HBO, it could provide a rather disgusting and accurate portrayal of the fine old tradition of the "traitor's death".

It has my endorsement. If you haven't caught it yet, you should give it a try.

Here's my review of Part 2


Do you know how/where to find out the re-run schedule for this newest HBO "classic" about Elizabeth I ? Later on it'll become a "must have" favorite ! ! ! Thanks for any help or suggestions you may make,
Harriet on June 4th

My only suggestion would be the website at