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Dance Classes

Since we were mentioned in "Westways" magazine last year, we have have a huge influx of "new blood" into the local vintage dance scene.

Most new folks come in with much enthusiasm, but little experience.

Over the next few months, the Social Daunce Irregulars and the Lively Arts History Association will be putting on some classes which, we hope, will help our new friends join the fun. These include the special waltz series from the SDI, and dance classes in the weeks preceding the Avalon Ball.

For a list of all the dance classes I know about, along with classes related to other stuff like costume, go to


I very much enjoy the classes held before each SDI Ball, but I wonder that there are only six each year. Is there any chance of more classes being offered?

The main impediment to additional classes is the fact that we are all very busy volunteers and don't really have the time to manage much more than we do. In fact, the addition of the waltz workshops occasioned a certain amount of grumbling from the crew.

From time to time, additional workshops are offered by others, and we always do our best to spread the word about those.

If anyone out there wants to start their own vintage dance workshops, you will have our full support.

Walter Nelson