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Upland Event Needs Volunteer Docents

My old friend Alice asked me to spread the word on this:

Upland is having it's Cenntenial Birthday and in honor of it. Upland Heritage is putting on a Home
Tour with all homes being at least 100 years old.

While I know you won't publish this announcement to the Calendar, could you please ask some of your
contacts if they would like to go on the tour and for only 4 hours of work they can see the homes for FREE.

This is a TWO-DAY Tour on May 6th and 7th 2006 Sat/Sun. Costumed Docents are needed to describe room features and special antiques. And I have a 3-story 1906 4 square home with elements of a stone wrap-a-around front porch, balcony, and gabled 3 story which is the house right next door to mine! As my small 1947 house was originally built by the last 2 daughter's of the Eymann Family who lived next door as rental income for the sister's.

I am just trying all outlets to get Docents as the 1906 home has a LOT of Rooms and some garden areas
and coach house.
So if you can give my information out to people who would be interested.
Thank You very much,
Alice Palacios


Hi, Walter
GREAT IDEA!!! And Thank YOU for posting Upland
Heritage's Plea for Docents.
IN COSTUME is most wanted I'm sorry I didn't type it in.
So for 4 hours of Work you get a FREE tour
of the other HOMES which are REAL homes and not
Thanks Again, Alice Palacios
of Costumer's Guild WEST.