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Look Ma I'm Dancin'

We all live with the modern paradox, the more people there are the more isolated one becomes. Sure you can go out to a movie or a meal but unless you are with family or friends you're on your own. So in my effort to actually interact with people to actually talk to strangers not lubed by sweet alchohol I ventured out to the English Country dance in the heart of darkest Monrovia. First I tried to bring along my brother who has some small dance skill ( not as much as one would suppose after years of being on the SDI committee) but he made some excuse like he wanted to see his wife or "little Britain" was on TV. Then I asked Todi who will travel to far off countries in her zeal to learn and dance. She reluctantly agreed. So, Monrovia, something like a medieval city state with Starbucks. You never know when aggressive Arcadia will try and move in on the frontier, with their vices of horse racing and botanty. I did finally arrive, Friday night on the 210 and MapQuest not withstanding and was happy to see about 16 other people had the same idea. The music was on and they were dancing to Marsden's calling.

I was pulled into the dance with only as much ceremony as it took to put down my coat. My motto is find a venue and make your own fun. Prefab fun can be disappointing, but this was really fun. More people arrived as did Todi and I was bold enough to request a dance which Marsden was happy to oblige and before we new it it was time to go home. Todi and I made the aquaintence of a very nice couple who are new to vintage dance ( Larry and Carin)and we set out to find sweet alchohol or at least coffee. Having noticed that Myrtle is the main drag in Monrovia we headed out to slack our thirst. What to our wandering eyes should appear but "traditional" musicans playing a set on the sidewalk in front of a shop. I don't mean pass the hat musicans, but people who play every Friday night for the love of it. The shop belongs to a lady who plays the hammered dulcimer and she has been playing with her group for about 7 or 8 years out in front of the shop every Friday night rain or shine. They play Irish, English and American folk music, there was a fiddle and a drum and other winged monkeys I don't know the name of ( no sackbut however the best name of all period instruments). We caught the very end of their set as they had gone long passed 10 but sat with our coffee on a bench in Monrovia having danced a bit, met and gossiped with new people and heard the surprising sound of live music. The best five bucks I've sent in a long time.


Charming! Monrovia is now on my list.