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Victorian - Men's

The Hat

A hat was an essential accessory for any 19th Century man. They came in a wide variety of styles, and each man's hat was very much his unique signature.

Images of 19th Century men's hats.

Man's Shirt

A white cotton man's dress shirt.

Black Wool Vest

A black wool man's day vest from the late 19th or early 20th Century.

Informal Attire

ImageThe vast majority of American men did not even wear sack suits for every day attire.

Morning Coat

An early 20th century or late 19th Century black wool morning coat.

The Morning Suit

In the early 1880s, a compromise was made between the, by then, rigid formality of the Frock Suit and the laid back informality of the Sack Suit. The result was the Morning Suit.

Photo Collection

A collection of 19th and Early 20th Century photographs of men.


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