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Jazz Age Tango Mix

A selection of clips from 1920s and 30s movies illustrating the simplicity, romanticism and sensuality of the Tango of the Jazz Age. Includes clips from "Die Buchse der Pandora", "Her Majesty, Love", "Abwege" and "Prix de Beaute".

1930s - Germans Dance a Paso Doble

This is a clip of Germans dancing to a Paso Doble. There were lots of Paso Dobles recorded in the 20s & 30s, but I have found almost no examples of them being danced in a social setting. It would appear that the step is essentially very fast-footed One-Step/Foxtrot, a bit like a Samba, but without the back-and-forth, hip-swaying. More just step-step-step-step-step.... with a bit of a spring. I don't imagine the promiscuous partner switching was an essential element of the German Paso Doble.

Germans Dance the "Modern" Waltz in the 1930s

And here are some examples of the Germans performing the "Modern" Waltz in the early 1930s.

Dancing in a Berlin Nightclub - 1928

Dance scenes from "Abwege" (1928) showing Foxtrot and Tango in a posh Berlin nightclub.

Tango Eine Nacht in Monte Carlo: Marek Weber und sein Orchester
Foxtrot Arpaneetta: Robert Gaden und sein Orchester
Foxtrot Ungaarwein: Barnabas von Geczy und sein Orchester

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