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October 24, 2006

Video - An American Revolution 4th of July Theme Party

This is a video of one of Kevin Brown's historical theme parties. This one was an 18th Century, American Revolution theme party.

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Posted by Walter at 03:24 PM

Tapas, Tierra y Liberdad Video

Our friend Kevin Brown hosted this party. He wanted to do a Tapas party, and the only possible choice for a theme was, of course, the Spanish Civil War.

For those a little puzzled by it all, we are portraying the "Popular Front": some of the people who supported the elected government against the Fascists led by Franco. The Republicans had strong Socialist leanings, which had a lot to do with the fact that while the Germans and Italians openly supported the Fascists, only the Soviets helped the Republicans while the rest of the world stood by and watched.

Here is a video of that day--a light hearted take on a fairly grim and serious subject.

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Posted by Walter at 02:49 PM

October 23, 2006

Victorian Etiquette Video

A few months ago, my wife Sheila and I appeared on the Showtime series "Penn & Teller's Bullshit". We were their "experts" on Victorian etiquette.

Here is our little portion of the program.

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Posted by Walter at 02:05 PM

October 22, 2006

The Impressionists' Picnic

A few months ago, some of our little group of friends got together for an "impressionists' picnic". The theme was a bunch of French people from the 1880s, picnicking in the park while being immortalized by an unidentified impressionist (played by the multi-talented Chuck Kovacic). Little did we know that our picnic at Peter Strauss Ranch coincided with the meeting of a painters' club. The video opens with two of the pictures the painters did of us--while the third is from Chuck.

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Posted by Walter at 02:33 PM

October 20, 2006

Social Daunce Irregulars Video

Here is a video I took a few years ago of the Social Daunce Irregulars Ball.

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Posted by Walter at 02:29 PM

October 08, 2006

Help Wanted--Cemetery Tour

The Santa Monica Historical Society is looking for costumed volunteers to portray assorted historical characters for the Woodlawn Cemetery tour program on Sunday, November 5th 2006.

If this sounds like it might be fun, have a look at their fact sheet

Posted by Walter at 07:55 AM