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July 22, 2006

American Textile History Museum Launches Online Catalog

The American Textile History Museum has announced the Chace Catalogue, an online collection of items from the museum. The catalog is currently in its "pilot" phase, but there are still over 500 items to view online (the eventual goal is to make all the Museum's collections available online--over 15,000 items. You can visit the catalog at

Posted by Walter at 07:09 AM

July 17, 2006

Berkeley Bastille Day Dance

Last Friday, on July 14th, I, my wife Sheila, and our friends Todi and Veronica, attended the "Friday Night Waltz" Bastille Day Dance at the International House by the UC Berkeley campus. It was a fun evening, which drew some interesting contrasts between our Southern California vintage dance culture and that of our Northern cousins.

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July 05, 2006

How I can help spread the word about your event

The LAHA Calendar and LAHA/SDI mailing list, which I administer, can help you spread the word about your dance and history events, but you need to help me help you.

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Posted by Walter at 09:09 AM

July 03, 2006

Presenting the Character of a Victorian Gentleman

If one is involved in a public "living history", where one is wearing proper Victorian attire, one really ought to have the manners to go with the clothing. I think this is as true if you are doing a "third person" presentation as when you are doing a "first person". Proper Victorian attire should always be accompanied with proper Victorian behavior, even if you aren't pretending to be someone else. The effect may be subtle, and perhaps even subliminal, but it all helps.

Here are a few suggestions for a 21st Century man to present an illusion of a Victorian gentleman:

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