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Places for "Vintage" Style Social Dancing in Paris

ImageI recently asked my international community of Facebook friends for suggestions on where one could do old fashioned social dancing in Paris. By this I mean the dances of the first half of the 20th Century, back into the 19th Century (Waltz, Tango, Java, Swing, Foxtrot etc.).

It's been a bit of a challenge just Googling it, as I mostly find "Dance Clubs" where deafening Hip Hop and the like is the norm, and that is not, as we said in my youth "my scene" (it wasn't my scene back in the '60s either - so it's not just that I'm old, which I am).

I've also found places that advertise "Bal Musette" which, from what I have seen on their YouTube videos, they define not as dancing but as sitting around a table singing along with Edith Piaf's greatest hits.

So here are my friends' excellent and well-informed suggestions, compiled here so I can share them and find them again later, as it is deuced hard to find anything on Facebook after it has been there a while.

It would appear that the sort of dance that particularly interests me is found in the "Thé Dansant" (Tea Dance) format, which happens in the afternoon and is therefore quite congenial to old farts like me.

This information was gathered in June of 2014. I would strongly advise checking the websites and perhaps contacting the venues to ensure that they are doing what you want to do, when you want to do it.

When I was able to find video of the place on YouTube, I posted it below.

Businesses and Public Events

Le Balajo (Thanks Angela)
Mostly Salsa and modern dances, but it looks like they have "Every Monday from 2pm to 7pm, Old Fashion Music (Thé Dansant) with Liliane and Jo."
No video of their tea dances available - just the Disco

Caveau de la Huchette (Thanks Susan, Chris and Benny)
The "Cave": a famous and historic Swing venue - where Swing first took root after the Liberation. Dark, crowded and hot and "sweating with history". Of all the venues so far, this received the most positive and enthusiastic responses.

La Coupole (Thanks Nancy)
A weird and wonderful Art Deco palace that appears to have, seasonally, Sunday afternoon tea dances.
Look for Thés dansants à La Coupole (http://www.lacoupole-paris.com/fr/actualites.html?start=3)
This video is obviously from a special event. I doubt their weekly dances are quite like this, and I have no idea if people dress old timey for them.

Le Memphis
I have no testimonials about this one. I found it on a French website for seniors. It has Disco sorts of stuff in the evenings (opening at 11 PM and running to 4 AM) and then Tea Dances in the afternoons.
No video of their tea dances available - just the Disco

Rendezvous Danse by the Seine (Thanks Chris)
Open air dancing along the Seine. From 15 May to 15 September
"All summer evenings, balls and free introductory lessons in tango or the salsa in the magical setting of the quays of the Seine"

Retro Dancing Discotheque (Thanks Sylvie)
A venue specializing in dance, with regular afternoon Thés dansants

Clubs and Organizations

Carnet de Bals (Thanks Marie-Jo)
A Paris-based "vintage dance" organization that stages historical themed events