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Civilian Re-Enacting

If someone wants to get dressed up in a uniform, and march around playing "bang you're dead", it is generally not too difficult to find some kindred spirits to play with.

However, for those who are more interested in the more peaceful aspects of history, it is sometimes a bit harder.

Venetian Aristocrats at the Biltmore

We provided 18th Century Venetian Aristocrats to support a Los Angeles Master Chorale gala fundraiser at the Biltmore in 1992

What Makes a Good Living History Costume

Historical correctness, simplicity and appropriateness are what make a good costume for a living history interpreter.

Historical Correctness
In terms of historical correctness, it should, of course, be cut in a manner that is right for the time and place being portrayed. That should go without saying, but I have seen too many hoop skirts in 1880s portrayals and bustles lurking about the Civil War.

The Jane Austen Evening

Social Daunce Irregulars Victorian Grand Ball

How to dance. A complete ball-room and party guide

Dancing and its relations to education and social life

Prof. Clendenen's fashionable quadrille book and guide to etiquette.

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