17th Annual Valentino 1920s Ball (moved to St Albans across the street from UCLA)

10/19/2019 7:00 pm

17th Annual Valentino 1920s Ball
Saturday Oct. 19, 2019
7pm-9pm Learn fun 1920s Dances
RSVP to HistoricalDance@yahoo.com

(LAST MINUTE) Event moved from UCLA Ackerman-BRR
to OFF CAMPUS Location: St. Alban's E. Church Social Hall (580 Hilgard Ave)
(across the street from UCLA at corner of Hilgard & Westholme)
GOOD NEWS: FREE PARKING!!! in the St. Alban's Parking Lot.
Enter bottom floor social hall a few steps down from parking lot, or on walkway on North side of St. Albans, which is 10 feet South of Hillel Building

Update: $15, $10 Students

Event is Off Campus, therefore admission only Free for current Annual Members of
Historical Ballroom Dance Club or
Annual Member of Ballroom Dance Club & International Folk Dance Club at UCLA.

1. ASUCLA which rents rooms to Historical Ballroom Dance Club announced May 2019 that starting Oct. 2019 all student orgs must end their events by 10pm.
(for the past 22 years HBDC has presented monthly Saturday Night Theme Dances 7pm-11:30pm or 8pm-12am,
therefore it is not possible to have live music 9pm-11:30pm

2. note ASUCLA is charging student groups close to $500 for this annual Free Admission Event
3. Since event is moved off campus, there is no funding to have live music
4. Hopefully next year, HBDC can have the wonderful singer/band leader, Mikal Sandoval perform with her Time Traveller's Band as she has done so many times before for annual Valentino Ball

Costumes Welcome, not required.
Off campus events are not sponsored by student groups.

Costumes Welcome, not required.

Historical Ballroom Dance Club at UCLA at HistoricalDance@yahoo.com
Presents 13 Saturday Night Theme Dances per year

Ballroom Dance Club & International Folk Dance Club at UCLA at ballroom@ucla.edu
Presents 37 Mondays of fun dance lessons/parties each year

see HBDC club websites for Free Admission Saturday Night Theme Dances
Lessons start at 7pm

(23rd Year with club founders, James & Cynthia starts Oct. 19, 2019 with Valentino 1920s Ball)
see www.HistoricalDance.wix.com/HBDC

see BDCIFDC club websites for Free Weekly Lessons-Mondays 7pm/9pm at UCLA Kerckhoff Hall Grand Salon
(25th Year with club founders, James & Cynthia) www.ballroom2.wix.com/BDCIFDCatUCLA

Nov. 16 Waltz Night 19th Annual at UCAL Kerckhoff Hall Grand Salon

7pm-10pm Learn several fun waltz styles including
Jane Austen, Victorian, 1920s and American Waltz, Argentine Vals Cruzado, and cultural waltzes

Celebrate the Queen of the Ballroom: Waltz Lessons

(Waltz Night may be moved to larger on-campus room)
(note event may be moved to larger location and have different hours than usual, as ASUCLA Bldg Mgmt has announced student orgs must end events by 10pm starting Oct. 2019)

Special Thank you to UCLA for moving Waltz Night last year, to Pauley Pavilion.

Special Events planned for Winter Quarter 2020: Saturdays Jan. 25, Feb. 8, Feb. 22, March 7, 2020


Annual Membership supports 13 Saturday Night Theme Dances per year, plus option to enjoy 37 Mondays of Swing-Salsa-Tango Lessons, Culture Nights (see cultural dance performances, and learn various cultural dance styles), large scale Swing-Salsa Parties on Mondays & Saturdays)

Websites have current details for Theme Dances w/Vintage Ballroom Lessons or Professional Swing/1920s Bands

on Saturdays in 2019: 7/27, 8/10, 10/19, 11/16

on Saturdays in 2020: 1/25, 2/8, 2/22, 3/7, 4/4, 4/18, 5/2, 5/30, 7/18, 8/8
Sponsored by Historical Ballroom Dance Club at UCLA RSVP to HistoricalDance@yahoo.com

see Ballroom Dance Club & International Folk Dance Club at UCLA Website
at www.ballroom2.wix.com/BDCIFDCatUCLA
for schedule of Swing-Salsa-Tango Lessons Mondays 7pm, Culture Nights 9pm-10pm/11pm,
and for Swing/Salsa/Tango Parties featuring professional bands.
RSVP or Questions to ballroom@ucla.edu

Summer Quarter Lessons Mondays 6/22-8/24 Locations tba 7pm, Location tba 9pm

20th Annual Armenian Culture Night (live music tent.) Mon. Oct. 21 at UCLA Kerckhoff GS
1950s Rock & Roll Swing/Halloween Night Mon. Oct. 28 at UCLA KGS
21st Annual Greek/Balkan Culture Night Mon. Nov. 4
Waltz Night at UCLA Sat. Nov. 16 at UCLA KGS (may be moved to larger room)
Fall Salsa Party Monday Nov. 18 (Live Music tent.)at Ackerman-AGB
End of Fall Swing Dance Party Monday Dec. 2 feat. Swing Inc. at KGS

A total of 50 Nights of Free Dance Lessons/Parties per year for Current Annual Members.
Participants include Students, Staff, Faculty, Alumni, Community Fans of Live Music, Dance Lessons & Parties.