Candlelight Ghost Tour at Ft. Tejon on the Grapevine

10/20/2018 4:30 pm
10/20/2018 9:30 pm

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Death of Peter Lebec and Candlelight Ghost Tour at Fort Tejon.

Fort Tejon State Historic Park
4201 Fort Tejon Rd, Lebec, California 93243

A thrilling Family Fun Event that Brings History Back from the Afterlife.

Period games and crafts for the entire family to enjoy in the afternoon.

As the sun sets, the candles are lit and patrons are escorted on a spooky tour of Fort Tejon’s hidden secrets of life and DEATH.

Witness the military funeral of 1st Lieutenant Thomas Castor, the first soldier to die at the fort. Creep into the commanding officer’s house and learn about how the Victorian era Soldiers mourned their dead. Then, slither into the soldier’s barracks and hear stories about how some of the Fort’s dead inhabitants live on, even today.

Tickets are $10 Adults / $5 Children.
To order tickets or more information, please email us at Tickets also available at the gate.

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